Box and Microsoft

A powerful combination for digital transformation

Box + Microsoft

Amplify your Microsoft stack with the power of Box

Box provides one place to secure and manage all your content — thanks to deep integrations with Office 365 and over 1,500 other apps. That's why thousands of customers — in every region and every industry, from small businesses to large enterprises — use Box together with Office 365.

Secure, easy collaboration with Office and Box

With the Box for Office integration, users can open, edit and save Office files without leaving Box. Teams can co-edit files in real-time in Office Online, while the files are automatically saved and managed in Box. Seamlessly collaborate internally and externally with best-of-breed applications— such as G Suite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, NetSuite, DocuSign and Slack — while Box retains a single source of truth. 

Teams work better in Box

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams, keep files securely saved in Box. Users can easily share and access content stored in Box from within Microsoft Teams, while admins maintain visibility of all shared content from Box — no matter which application is used.

Leverage the best AI for the job

Box Skills applies powerful AI technologies like Microsoft Cognitive Services to your content inside Box so you can create structure and extract insights from your data at scale. Our open, flexible framework allows you to choose the best AI for the job, from industry-leading providers like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and Google.

Box for Outlook is better than ever

With the Box for Outlook Add-in, teams can streamline email collaboration by accessing Box content from Outlook. Users can securely attach Box files to emails, change file permissions, and save attachments directly to Box with just a few clicks. Empower users to work securely and efficiently across platforms and devices - Windows, Mac, mobile and web.

Guardrails, not handcuffs

Secure all your content, meet industry regulations and stay in compliance —without slowing down the pace of innovation. Minimize the risk of data loss with full visibility and a centralized way to manage your content, security, policies and provisioning. Box also integrates with Microsoft Azure AD, Intune, Cloud App Security and dozens of other leading security solutions to help you secure your most sensitive data.


"I'm not just buying a solution that's a silo. I need to think about how it integrates with my whole portfolio. The ability to open and edit Office 365 files within Box means users don't have to learn something new."

 Fritz Wetschnig, CISO, Flex

Future-proof your tech investments with Box + Microsoft