Box for Finance

Drive financial growth for your business 

Box for Finance

Cut costs and streamline processes for better ROI

All eyes are on the Finance team to power growth for the business. But today’s tools slow down processes, silo information and hamper productivity for Finance and other teams across the organization. With Cloud Content Management from Box, a single content platform enables Finance to streamline everything from cost-benefit analyses to financial forecasting, all while keeping current employees productive — improving ROI on spend across the business.

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reduction in financial planning cycle time

20 hours

less time spent on budgeting activities per budgeting cycle

Improve profitability with Cloud Content Management

Accelerate business growth 

Boost productivity and grow the business with a more productive way to work in the cloud.

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Improve operational efficiency

Streamline processes across the finance team with a single source of truth for budgets, contracts and more.

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Protect sensitive data

Prevent leaks of sensitive financial data such as earnings scripts by ensuring only the right people have access.

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One platform to simplify Sales

Plan for the upcoming fiscal year
Fiscal planning and budget management

Review budgets and plan for the upcoming fiscal year in real time while ensuring all your files are secured.

investor relations
Investor relations

Securely share the most up-to-date files with investors, accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Contract management
Contract management

Simplify and automate workflows to create, share, approve and retain contracts with customers, partners and vendors.

Audit testing activities
Audit testing activities

Build audit plans, collect documents and manage audit progression in a secure workplace to reduce data leaks.

Vendor onboarding

Seamlessly and securely onboard and offboard vendors and partners across your value chain.


"At FICO, we want to maximize our global talent and provide them with the tools to do their jobs better together. Box helped us connect the dots from region to region and from device to device.”

Tony McGivern, CIO, FICO

Key capabilities

Streamline processes with automations

Automate processes like contract management with Box Relay.

Add intelligence to your business

Intelligently apply metadata to contracts, invoices and more with Box Skills.

Create a custom financial documents hub

Centralize all your financial content in a custom-built hub that keeps teams up-to-date.

Collaborate internally and externally

Edit in real-time and provide in-file comments with other departments or external vendors.

Easily track and audit your files

Access comprehensive audit reports so you know who created, edited, downloaded or viewed a piece of content and when.

Leverage seamless integrations

Establish a single source of truth by integrating with apps like NetSuite, Slack, DocuSign and ServiceNow.

Control content access

Ensure employee data is protected and retained for SOX compliance with Box Governance.

Work anywhere, anytime

Support a remote workforce with on-the-go access to invoices, contracts and more on any device, anywhere.


Leveraging Google Sheets, Docs and Slides in Box
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Leverage metadata and AI with Box Skills
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How Box integrates with NetSuite
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box relay
Build custom workflows with Box Relay
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