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box for digital business

Reimagine the way you do business

At Box, we know that becoming a digital business is the only way to compete in today's world. The most successful organizations use innovative technologies to streamline every business process, gain deeper insights and get closer to their customers. And since content lies at the heart of business today, Box makes your valuable information more accessible, automated and intelligent than it's ever been. From creating AI-driven workflows to delivering amazing content experiences, Box enables you to fundamentally rethink your business processes in the digital age.


Transform every business process

Streamlining your business processes starts with automating the way content flows end-to-end throughout your extended enterprise. Whether you're automating contract redlining with Box Automations, streamlining the onboarding process with Box Relay or automatically updating Box content within Salesforce, Box provides you with a secure and scalable platform for your digital processes.

Unlock powerful insights

Every business has a massive influx of fragmented and unstructured data — and Box gives you the tools to turn it all into contextualized, organized information. From image and photo recognition, to audio and video transcription, to intelligent classification and categorization of content at scale, Box applies best-of-breed machine learning capabilities to make your content more actionable and processes more efficient.

“Cloud Content Management enables better workflows, better data insights and easier external collaboration — efficiently, effectively and in a secure way.”

- Mike Meadows, CTO, Eli Lilly

Build amazing content experiences

With Box Platform, robust developer tools and an easy-to-integrate set of APIs make it simple to design custom web and mobile experiences for both your customers and employees. Whether you're sharing the latest brokerage assets with clients or giving patients access to their medical records, you can build magical experiences on Box and keep it all secure.

Make security your top priority

When you centrally manage your content in Box, you get the frictionless security and governance policies your organization needs. Box Governance enables you to set policies to automate retention periods and apply policies at scale. And coming soon, Box Shield will provide you with intelligent threat detection to protect your users and content from misuse. With leading security and data protection capabilities, over 95,000 companies trust Box to share and collaborate on content throughout the extended enterprise.

A single platform for every team

Vendor and HR portals

Quickly build secure portals to onboard vendors, employees or clients and share up-to-date information

Contract management

Execute contracts quickly by drafting, e-signing and archiving in Box, and integrating with Salesforce records

Digital asset management

Create metadata templates to organize rich media, and trigger specific processes for fast review and approval

Claims processing

Accelerate claims resolution by providing a connected user experience and integrating into your claims management system

Virtual data room

From M&A to bidding and contract negotiations, Box accelerates deal cycles and protects content security with robust permissions and user controls

Loan origination

Streamline loan approvals with APIs to create a white-labeled digital app for secure collaboration between customers and agents


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