Box Skills

Bring intelligence to all your content


Intelligence that just works

Artificial intelligence is fueling the next revolution of enterprise software, but it can be challenging to apply AI to your everyday business processes. With Box Skills, we’re bringing the best of machine learning to the place where your work already lives, helping you extract meaning from your unstructured content and accelerate your business processes. And that gives your teams a smarter way to work together.

Better processes, better business

Box Skills makes the work you do today more efficient and secure. Skills let you automatically structure your content with intelligent labeling, classifying, transcribing and much more.

With our ever-extensible intelligence framework, you can create custom skills to work with all your information, unlocking hidden value in your content and applying that magic across the extended enterprise.


Built for the future

Box Skills is designed to grow with your business and all of your content. And as machine learning keeps evolving, we take the most innovative tools available and turn them into solutions for your business.

Or you can build your own: Box Skills Kit gives you access to the open Skills framework, letting you take advantage of the best providers for any task or bring your own machine learning to Box to solve your unique business problem. With Box Skills, the possibilities are endless.