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Now more than ever, we look to life sciences for solutions to improve patient outcomes. But powering innovative molecules and devices across the value chain is difficult with paper-based files, traditional GxP technology, and too many apps. With Box, you speed up R&D workflows, maintain compliance, and reduce your IT footprint — while collaborating on regulated and non-regulated content from a single place.

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Speed up CRO exchanges

Collaboration with clinical research organizations (CROs) happens faster on Box, making it easier to work with regulated and non-regulated molecule or device information. Plus, one life sciences cloud gives you more control and coordination with CROs by securely orchestrating content across people outside your organization.

Power secure quality management

Reduce security risks with the regulated content management lifecycle of controlled GxP documents. That includes policies, SOPs, and WIs, all the way from draft to archival. With our modern life sciences cloud stack, you ensure GxP regulated cloud content is always supported.

Keep innovating through M&A

Innovation doesn't have to stop when M&A activities start. Box enables you to accelerate post-merger-integration (PMI) cycle times with faster ingestion of newly acquired regulated and non-regulated R&D information in a secure, GxP environment.

One platform for life sciences

CRO and CMO collaboration

Increase control and coordination with CROs, CMOs,  and sponsors. Collaborate on cell data, strategy proposals, and supply chain content with a single source of truth.

M&A post-merger integration

Accelerate M&A and PMI cycle times with faster ingestion of R&D data. Seamlessly transition several terabytes of regulated content.


Accelerate product launches by centralizing digital assets, and collaborate faster on promotional materials across field teams.

Clinical collaboration

Power remote site monitoring and source document verification. Speed up clinical start up by centralizing site feasibility surveys, FDA 1572 forms, and informed consent files.

GxP document
Quality document management

Manage the lifecycle of a controlled GxP document. Accelerate quality management from draft to disposal on policies, SOPs, and WIs.

Clinical dataset management

Collaborate on SAS datasets across biostatisticians and data management professionals. Securely share regulated datasets between sponsors and CROs.

Simplify content management across your value chain


Speed up R&D processes across life sciences organizations by streamlining collaboration and the exchange of regulated and non-regulated molecule and device information throughout clinical operations.

Protect clinical content

Reduce risk by managing quality documents, from procedures to educational material across quality and regulatory teams. Plus, Box partners create a cohesive document management quality solution

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Get to market faster by collaborating in real time on FDA-approved collateral across marketing and field sales teams. Box streamlines life sciences content management as content flows inside and outside your organization.

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End-to-end compliance

With Box for life sciences, you accelerate R&D processes with one solution for both regulated and non-regulated life sciences cloud content. And you do it while maintaining 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, along with industry compliance to standards like GxP, HIPAA, GDPR, and DICOM.


streamline R&D
Simplify collaboration across your R&D teams

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Eliminate silos across all workflows, from R&D to commercialization

Learn how Box accelerates the way you innovate for life sciences content management.

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The Content Cloud for GxP Compliance

Get your therapies to market faster, simplify workflows, and stay compliant.

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