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Tap into the wealth of knowledge within your enterprise content with generative AI. Ask Box AI anything and get answers in seconds — from summarizing a lengthy research study to uncovering key findings across multiple documents. With Box AI-powered insights, you can make mission-critical decisions faster and with confidence.

Create content in seconds

Content creation should be easy and fun. Whether you’re drafting a press release, writing personalized sales emails, or outlining action items in a meeting, you speed up work with content intelligence that frees up your time to focus on customers and innovation. And because you’re working in Box, all the tools you need for smart content management are built right in.

Enterprise-grade AI that’s safe, secure, and private

Rely on Box’s existing security and privacy for your most sensitive content generated by Box AI. Built-in granular access permissions, wide-ranging industry compliance, and enterprise-grade security will ensure your Box AI data is always protected with secure AI solutions. And AI models are never trained on your data without your written consent, so your proprietary data stays safe and secure.

Endless possibilities for your enterprise

Competitive analysis

Create a competitive analyses on market research reports with enterprise content analytics.

Personalize onboarding

Personalize onboarding materials to a specific customer’s needs, freeing up time for lenders.

Refine messaging

Refine messaging for marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Translate your reports

Easily translate your reports to any language and adjust the tone as needed.

Sales presentation

Surface potential questions and answers a prospect would ask regarding a sales presentation.

Generate a job posting

Generate a job posting for any position without being an expert in that role.

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Box AI

Get more value from your enterprise content with Box AI. Learn how you can unlock the full potential of your unstructured data, while managing every aspect of content management. All while maintaining the same enterprise-grade security, compliance, and privacy you know and trust with Box.

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AI you can trust

Trust is the essential middleware that speeds up or slows down how we interact with each other and our environment. Every day we make split-second decisions on the extent to which we’ll trust others, usually without thinking about it.

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Unleash the power of your Enterprise content with Box AI
Unleash the power of your Enterprise content with Box AI

Box AI lets you amplify the value of your enterprise content while maintaining enterprise-grade security, compliance and privacy standards. Drive business insights instantly, create content in seconds, and, coming soon, automate business processes from one, secure, intelligent platform.

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