Box Canvas

Unleash creativity with secure virtual whiteboarding

Collaborate with confidence

Run interactive meetings and facilitated workshops that engage participants from anywhere. Easy-to-use features make collaboration both equitable and inclusive, so everyone can contribute their preferred way — through chat, sticky notes, voting, and more. Box Canvas takes meetings to the next level, turning your ideas into action.

Power infinite ideas with unlimited canvases

Give your teams and partners a whole new way to collaborate visually with Box Canvas. Real-time, virtual whiteboarding lets you build out ideas, plans, and processes together. Infinite space and an intuitive toolset helps you explore the big picture, see all the moving parts, and zoom in on the details. And, with unlimited canvases included in every Box plan, getting started is easy.

Streamline and secure your content

Box Canvas is the only visual collaboration and whiteboarding tool native to the Content Cloud, which means you can ideate and brainstorm where your content lives — all while reducing complexity and risk. Seamless integrations with your teams’ go-to apps empower them to work efficiently. Plus, enterprise-grade security and compliance are built right in to protect your valuable ideas.

Watch our marketing use case demo to see Box Canvas in action

Empower your teams with visual collaboration

Engage new hires with fun, hands-on training that ensures everyone’s voice is heard.

Securely workshop your next big marketing campaign with internal teams and agencies, from start to finish.

Easily gather, sort, and visualize research and feedback to speed up project timelines.
Create sales dashboards, presentations, and interactive account plans to accelerate the sales process.
Leverage freeform drawing to sketch out store layouts and create actionable merchandising plans.
Map out user journeys, build visual roadmaps, and wireframe new product designs.

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brind your ideas
Bring your ideas to life with Box Canvas
Make hybrid collaboration a breeze with a virtual whiteboarding tool that empowers teams to share ideas and build out plans in one secure place.
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Get to know Box Canvas
Unleash your creativity and turn ideas into action with our new visual collaboration capabilities.
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Explore Content Insights
Track when and how content is used with easy-to-understand visuals.
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