Box and Slack

Securely bring your conversations and content together

Talking and sharing are now one

Conversations are more powerful when they're anchored to content. Through our partnership with Slack, you have one secure place to chat, share files, and collaborate. No more jumping between applications. It's all here.

Keep your files at your fingertips

Drag and drop files into your Slack conversations and they'll be automatically uploaded into Box for a seamless and secure sharing experience. And later on, quickly track down previously-shared files with Slack's native search tool.

Get a sneak peek of your content

Give your team a snapshot of projects with easy-to-read file previews. This capability saves you valuable time and speeds up collaboration and review. 

Protect everything you do

Keep all your work secure by controlling how files interact within Slack. You can do things like decide what data can be sent and saved to Slack, and what people see when they share Box content.

Key features

Content cards

View file information such as name, author, and thumbnail when a Box file is shared to Slack

Instant permissions

Seamlessly update the collaboration permissions of a Box file directly from within Slack

Slack org allow listing

Set specific Enterprise Grid IDs and/or workspace domains that can be connected with a Box account

Ready to connect your content and conversations?